Too Many Family Rosary Resources? Impossible!

Amazing but true.

We are almost HALFWAY through October, the month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary. I don’t know about you, but I love having a yearly reminder to refocus and reaffirm that praying the Rosary is the prayer par excellence.

“The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary,” said St Francis de Sales.  I think we can trust him on this subject!

How beautiful it is to know that every time we pray a Hail Mary, Our Lady’s heart is filled with joy. That alone should be enough to motivate all of us to make a special daily practice of praying the Rosary.  But let’s be honest, sometimes it is a little hard to focus when there is a tribe of little people that need to be taught to love the time spent praying the Rosary.

This month there are lots of resources out there that help make praying a family Rosary and teaching kids to pray the rosary really, really accesible …and even fun!


At Drawn 2B Creative


Take a look at the resources at Drawn 2B Creative  which are truly fantastic.  Kristen has highlights of her Rosary books, Rosary coloring sheet, and instructions on how to make a Giant Rosary HERE.  Super fun!  She continues her post with a Rosary round-up that showcases some other cool resources at Kennedy Adventures, Catholic Icing, Real Life at Home, and a wonderful article at Catholic All Year. WOW! You may be tempted to stop here,

But there is more out there you won’t want to miss!!


The Lacing Rosary Cards available for a small fee at Catholic Inspired are a great activity for little kids.  There is one lacing card for each Mystery and the instructions for crafting the cards easy and specific. Jennifer promises the Rosary cards will “keep your wiggly children happy while you pray your family rosary”, and that’s definitely true!


lacing rosary Catholic Inspired
Available at Catholic Inspired


At Wild Flowers and Marbles, Jen offers lots of practical tips. She says,  “…the Rosary is such a strong anchor for families – a powerful weapon in this battle we’re in the middle of – that any efforts to rebuild culture will be futile without it.…I know that it’s challenging with toddlers in the mix.  But this is perhaps THE best habit to begin while they’re little.

The example of Mom and Dad praying…and then through the years adding siblings praying…those examples are powerful for little ones!  They set a tone of family prayer and begin to inform the family culture in powerful ways!  Take the time to brainstorm ways to carve out 20 minutes of your day so you can make it happen in your family!  Praying the Rosary, every day, will probably go farther in rebuilding culture than we will ever know in our lifetime!”  Read on…

Well, all those resources should get you started…or add some new life to a wonderful habit already being formed in your family.  Have a blessed October.

Grow closer to God and the people you love-  Pray the Rosary daily!

We’d love to hear your comments about other resources or tips that you’d like to share.




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    Kristen Rabideau Reply

    Thank you for linking over to my Rosary Round-up!

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