5 Reasons for Homeschooling Through Summer

We welcome Tina Santiago Rodriguez from Truly Rich Mom to TAN Homeschool.


“Homeschooling through summer? Really?”


“Summer is all about taking a break — the kids and me included! So summer homeschooling is definitely out of the picture!”


“But what about all the fun summer activities they’ll miss if we keep homeschooling?”


These could be just a few of the statements that might come to mind if someone mentions “homeschooling through summer” to you — and I don’t blame you.


Certainly, every family’s homeschooling routine and schedule is different, and what may work for one family may not work for another, and vice versa.


So, there may be homeschoolers who love sticking to a “regular” school year and spending the summer months “off school,” while there are some who prefer schooling year-round, including summer and other seasons usually considered as “break time”.


Whatever works for you, right? That is part of the beauty of homeschooling.


As someone who considers herself a year-round homeschooler, I’d like to share some reasons for “summer homeschooling” that might resonate with you:


There is less pressure to “start grand” and “finish strong.”


When you follow a traditional school-year calendar, there is a tendency to start the year grandly — complete with new books, school supplies, etc. — and “finish strong” at the end.


If you school year-round though (like we do), the “first day of school”can just include a special family meal, attending Holy Mass together, and a “photo shoot” of our “students” at a local (and affordable!) photo studio.


We don’t really have an official “last day of school,” which means I am not so pressured to get everything finished by a specific date. It also means that I have more time and freedom to choose our curriculum for the next year.


You can take more days off throughout the year.


It was only in April 2013 that I realized that we are actually more suited to be year-roundhomeschoolers.


I was still on bed rest then, waiting to give birth to our youngest child, and homeschooling didn’t really look like “schooling” at all. In fact, it didn’t look much like “schooling” even after I gave birth, especially when our newborn got sick and took quite a while to recover.


Admittedly, I was panicking at the time — I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to finish our curriculum, etc. But then I remembered the beauty of homeschooling — that we can adjust the routines and schedules and lessons according to our family’s needs and situation.


Year-round homeschooling — including homeschooling through summer — was, and still is, the perfect solution for us. You can take more days “off” school as the need arises.


You can do more with less stress.


See above!  Homeschooling through summer gives you the flexibility of accomplishing more tasks minus the stress of having to finish “everything” by the “last day of school.”


It also helps you have more time to “make up” for “non-schooling” days, when less formal lessons take place.


You can adjust your curriculum or plans as you go.


The beauty of schooling year-round is that we can adjust or even change our curriculum without thinking that we should stick to this or that curriculum until the school year “ends.”


I used to think that a boxed curriculum would be the perfect thing for our family. Over the years, though, I’ve realized that it isn’t, and we need to change up or switch out things as the need arises. Homeschooling through summer helps me do this with less stress over whether it’s the “perfect time” to do so.


You can have more time for other things like interest-led projects and activities.


There are days when our kids don’t have “formal” lessons because I have work-related deadlines (during which they are free to do their own projects), or they’re spending time with grandparents, or we’re on a field trip to a museum.


These “other things” still count for learning in my book, and I can rest easier knowing that we have time to catch up on formal lessons because of our year-round homeschooling schedule.


I know that homeschooling through summer won’t work for everyone, just as homeschooling itself may not be the calling of every family out there. But, for now, it definitely fits our family’s lifestyle and schedule.


So, if you’ve never tried year-round homeschooling before, maybe you can think about it and give it a shot. Who knows, it might be a fit for your family too!



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