6 Pro-Life Activism Opportunities for Homeschooled Students

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Homeschooled students sometimes get left out when it comes to pro-life student activism activities. Activism usually requires showing support for preborn children in public or in school, so for those in a non-traditional setting, getting involved in pro-life activities can be daunting.

Here are some ways these students can involve themselves in pro-life activism in their own neighborhoods.

  1. Wear a pro-life T-shirt.

Even if these children live and go to school at home, they can still sport a pro-life T-shirt to show solidarity with preborn children, especially on trips to the grocery store, library, or outside classes. Encourage participation in ALL’s National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week photo contest every spring, where students complete various tasks while wearing the official NPLTW shirt. They could win awesome prizes!




  1. Make cards to distribute at a local nursing home.

Many elderly people feel lonely because very few people visit them. You and your children can show the elderly in your community that you care about them by spending a few moments of your time with them. Offer to help them with difficult tasks around their homes. Write them a card that expresses how they are valued and that says you are there if they need someone. Help them feel loved and cherished, for no one should feel abandoned or unwanted. Many people visit nursing homes around the holidays. Gather a few other homeschooling families and visit them during other times of the year. Sing songs, pass out cards, and chat with the residents about their lives, likes, and dislikes.


  1. Pray outside an abortion clinic.

As homeschoolers, your schedule is flexible enough to pray outside clinics during the week when most other people are either in school or at work. Help promote a prayerful, peaceful presence outside your local abortion facility, especially on days when abortions are performed. Some of the girls going to Planned Parenthood are just like your children. Your support shows that you care about women and their babies. Joining a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign is an excellent way to start evangelizing outside of abortion clinics.


  1. Chalk.

If you live in a neighborhood, your driveway and front sidewalk are great places to leave pro-life messages to evangelize in your neighborhood. You and your children can write pro-life messages and inspiring quotes on your sidewalk to show your community that you support women and their pre-born children. You could also chalk in public places, like the public park, or on private property only after you ask for permission from the owner. Older students may want to participate in National Pro-Life Chalk Day.


chalk drawing


  1. Start a homeschool pro-life club.

Partner with another homeschool family (or two) to start your own pro-life club. Together, learn about pro-life issues and raise awareness about the undervalued human beings in our society. As a homeschool club, you have the flexibility to do service projects during the school week. Volunteer your time at a pregnancy care center folding baby clothes, organizing donations, or helping out at a fundraising event.


  1. Participate in a pro-life essay contest.

Double-dip English/writing and religion by assigning an essay for a pro-life essay contest. Have students hone their writing skills to help persuade others that human beings are a gift from God. The National Right to Life Committee runs a national essay contest, but many other state and diocese right to life groups also hold essay, video, or even art contests. See what contests are available to you in your area.

Homeschooled students may spend most of their day at home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in activism to make a difference and help end abortion in this country. Homeschoolers’ flexible schedules make it easier than ever for them to get involved in rallies, protests, or prayer vigils. In order to be pro-life, we must all ask ourselves, What can I do today to end abortion in America?


What are other ways you can show solidarity for the gift of life?


About CLSP
American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program is an educational initiative from one of America’s largest pro-life organizations to help teach the culture of life in every subject and at every grade level. Our mission is to stress the culture of life as an integral part of every academic discipline and to help students become effective communicators of the gospel of life. Visit our website at cultureoflifestudies.com to learn more about our available supplements and free downloads to see how we can help you foster a culture of life in your homeschool classroom.






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