Evangelization: The Wrong Reason to Send Kids to School


We welcome frequent contributor Melody Lyons of Blossoming Joy back to TAN Homeschool


Over the last 15 years of our homeschooling adventure, we’ve been challenged many times to reconsider our decision to keep our children home. The primary challenge has come from other Catholics who like our our kids and want to see them in the parish school. Let them be salt and light! Let them evangelize the other kids! The school needs kids like your kids. They can help change the culture!  In essence, they are asking us to to send them out as “missionaries” to those who lack good formation and virtue. And to that I say… no.


As strongly as I feel about teaching my children to be witnesses to the Gospel, I can say confidently that I am not called to use my children as little missionaries. That is ego-driven and not respectful of their dignity and the voice of God in their hearts; a voice which I can not hear or own. My vocation is not to raise other people’s children but my own; And my own kids are still in a period of formation. Their vocation is yet uncertain. If you like my kids and think more kids should be like them, then I offer for your consideration one word: homeschooling. If my kids are different than their peers in a positive way, then maybe it does have something to do with the setting of their formation.




There will be a time for them to go out to the world and make themselves the persecuted hands and feet of Christ. It is not appropriate for us to intentionally place them in that hostile environment as a tool to help others without seriously considering the weaknesses and potential harm to the child. I do not believe that a middle schooler (for example) has the maturity to give full informed consent to such a call. Even in the best Catholic schools, kids who are striving to live a fully integrated Catholic life will find themselves going against the grain. For a child in mid-formation and separated from parental guidance, that kind of environment involves tremendous risk. They will have to figure out, in the context of a classroom setting, how to integrate socially while still holding on to their family values. A thousand little decisions every day will challenge them and exhaust them… and potentially confuse them. Most of us lived it. Many of us know that we were either not well formed enough nor strong enough to survive that culture without succumbing.


Nothing can be more dangerous than keeping wicked companions. They communicate the infection of their vices to all who associate with them. ~ St. John Baptiste de la Salle


I will not sacrifice the formation of my kids in order to make them into little missionary martyrs. They are not an extension of my ego. They are people in their own right with a tremendous amount of growing yet to do. It is my job to prepare them to make those bigger choices when they are older and they will have the opportunity soon enough! If they witness to Christ’s love and truth through their daily lives to family members, sports teammates, friends, tutors, and Walmart cashiers along the way? Awesome. And probable. Homeschooling is not about hiding, it is about building a culture of life and the fruits will manifest abundantly!


You may very well feel called to place your children back in school. But be assured that the call would not be to evangelize others at the peril of their own souls. That call is simply not yours to hear.


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About Melody Lyons
Melody is a homeschooling mother of 7 and married 19 years to Mr. Right. When she grows up, she wants to sew her own wardrobe, offer free doula services, and publish a few beautiful books. In the meantime, she clings to the grace and mercy of God and trusts that His plans are perfect here and now (especially when they include chocolate). You can read more about homeschooling, Catholic womanhood, and the pursuit of sanctity on her blog, Blossoming Joy .

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