Incredible Summertime Book Basket Round-up

We welcome Jen Steed from Happy Little Homemaker to TAN Homeschool.

I am a bit of a book nerd. In fact, I plan on spending more money on good books than on curriculum. I love to read-aloud to my kids and this summer we started doing tea time in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

We gather together to pray, have a snack, and read from a few books. While not all the books we read are Catholic, I wanted to share some books that I have put in our book basket to live the liturgical year.

We also read poetry, Shakespeare, literature and more.  You can find all our book selections by liturgical season at

August – Immaculate Heart of Mary


Just Like Mary Bernadette


Just like Mary – I haven’t read yet as it’s in transit. It’s going in my book basket when it arrives though.
Bernadette: The Little Girl from Lourdes (Life of a Saint) – Ditto for this. It’s on my wish list, but I love the other books in the series, so I can’t wait to add this one!


Illuminated Rosary  Let's pray the Rosary


Illuminated Rosary series – These are beautiful books full of classic and contemporary art to help visual people, children and adults alike, to better meditate upon the rosary. I love these for both art study and prayer.
Let’s Pray the Rosary – This is a fabulous book about the history of the rosary and how praying the rosary has changed the world we live in (Lepanto and more). We are loving this book! It’s currently in our book basket.

Queen and Cross Queen & Cats

The Queen & Her Cats (St. Helena) – This is one of our selections for the August Saint Picture Book Club.

The Queen & The Cross (St. Helena) – This is the other selection for the August Saint Picture Book Club; I haven’t read this one yet, either.

 Summer is flying by–let’s take a look back at what we were reading at the beginning of the summer…a June/July Book Redux.

June-Sacred Heart & Father’s Day


St Margaret Mary

St Margaret Mary & The Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I have not read this book yet, but it’s on my bookshelf!

Our Holy Father the Pope Jorge the Pope


Our Holy Father, the Pope – You can read my review at my blog, Happy Little Homemaker. Beautiful and informative book!

Jorge from Argentina: The Story of Pope Francis for Children – Another great book.   I reviewed this one at my blog as well.
Peter the Apostle

Peter, Apostle of Jesus – We loved this one. It was our pick for the June Saint of the Month Club.

July – Precious Blood of Jesus


Eucharistic Miracles Friendship with Jesus

Eucharistic Miracles Book Set from Happy Saints – Because I’m part of his mailing list, I was able to get my hands on a limited print run of these 3 books about Eucharistic Miracles. Now they are only available as e-books, but they are a beautiful introduction to the subject.

Friendship with Jesus: Pope Benedict XVI Talks to Children on Their First Holy Communion – I haven’t read this one, but it’s on my wish list. Do you have it?

Sign of the Carved Cross



The Sign of the Carved Cross (St. Kateri) – This early chapter book is ideal for girls ages 6-9. Or so. I really liked it and you can view this and my other favorite Kateri book at my blog.


Do you have favorite literature books that you like to read to your children in summer? Please share in the comments!  We’re always looking for new books.


Jen is a Catholic wife and mother to three little ones whose nose can usually be found buried in a book, learning once all the work is done. Or sometimes, even when it’s not! You can always find Jen blogging about the big 5 — God & Catholicism, taking care of yourself, serving your spouse and children and all the other work women typically do at home. She can be found blogging at Happy Little Homemaker and on most of the social media sites including Google+.

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