Patroness of Immigrants and Orphans


We must pray without tiring, for the salvation of mankind does not depend on material success; nor on sciences that cloud the intellect. Neither does it depend on arms and human industries, but on Jesus alone. St.Frances Xavier Cabrini

If you went to a Sacred Heart school, you already know all about this great saint whose feast we celebrate on November 13.  If not, here’s the story…


St. Frances Xavier Cabrini was born in Lombardi, Italy in 1850 and was one of thirteen children. Even as a very young child, she dreamed of being a missionary.  There are stories about the frail, young Italian girl   sailing paper boats piled high with violets down the river near her home.  She pretended the flowers were missionaries, and that the boats would take them safely to China to tell little children there about Jesus.  That was her desire, and God would bring that part of his plan to fruition years after her death when her order was established in China.




Although originally turned down for the religious life, Mother Cabrini ended up founding the Church’s first order of missionary sisters, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, and came to America with six nuns in 1889.

“The impressions of childhood are never obliterated.” St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

St Frances was a truly amazing women filled with an abiding trust in God.  She founded schools, hospitals, convents and orphanages all over the United States and South America.  She worked tirelessly among the Italian immigrants who were flooding the U.S. at that time. And she especially loved children and in the schools and orphanages she founded, she saw to it that everything possible was done to make the children happy.  In all, she founded 67 institutions, and there were always difficulties, but she put all her trust in the Sacred Heart.  St Frances simply said, “None of us will fail if we leave everything in the hands of God.”

At the time of her death, on December 22, 1917, her institute had houses in England, France, Spain, the United States, and South America. In 1946, she became the first American citizen to be canonized.

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St. Frances is the patron saint of hospitals, immigrants, and orphans.


St Frances Xavier Cabrini, pray for us.








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