Goodreads for Kids

Encourage the Art of Reading in your Children

BiblioNasium is accurately described as Goodreads for younger readers. On this site, students are able to keep track of how long they read each day, the books they read, and the books they want to read in the future. Additionally, they can share their favorite books, make recommendations, chart their progress, and challenge other readers through contests. We highly recommend sending your students here!

Composition Help

Visit to Help Craft your Writing Skills

This website provides the tools needed to improve students’ writing skills. From help with the most common spelling and grammar mistakes, to assisting with vocabulary, to helping ensure papers stay free from plagiarism, our friends at Grammerly help your student become the best writer they can be. Visit them for more information!

Catholic Deals

A Collection of the Best Catholic Promotions Found on the Web

Here, Catholic parents will find a collection of the best deals relating to Catholic products. With information that stays fresh and accurate, this site acts like a “Catholic coupon book” and is sure to be of use to any family on a budget.

Research Assistance

Your Source for Information on Anything and Everything!

“Information Please has been providing authoritative answers to all kinds of factual questions since 1938—first as a popular radio quiz show, then starting in 1947 as an annual almanac, and since 1998 on the Internet. Many things have changed since 1938, but not our dedication to providing reliable information, in a way that engages and entertains.”

TAN Homeschool encourages you to visit this site to obtain reliable and extensive information on nearly any topic your student researches. Here, you will find an Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Atlas, Thesaurus and more.

Info on the Saints

Help your Children Come to Know the Saints!

Copy: Our friends at Catholic Saints Info provide a trusted and reliable treasury of information and knowledge on the Saints of the Church. For help with research, to just a simple desire to learn more, visit this site to learn about the holy men and women who inspire us each and every day.

Fact Checker

Quick Ways to Verify Information

Copy: is your source to ensure the truth relating to concrete facts found in the world. Quick, easy to use, and thorough – make sure to send your students here to double-check their research facts and other work.

Bibliography and Citations Help

Quick and Easy Tools to Create Bibliographies and Citations

The art of creating a bibliography or accurately using citations can seem daunting to students. Writing the term paper is enough of a challenge, but citing their sources too? This step of the writing process is often neglected or misused. Visit to get quick and accurate help on all these sorts of issues.

Lessons on Everything

Online Lessons for Your Student

“What Would You Like to Learn Today?” is the question branded across the top of This website serves as an aggregator of people all across the world who can teach your child in an array of areas through affordable, online courses. From music and signing, to foreign languages and math, you’ll find any interest your child may have. Visit this site to learn more!

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

The Homeschool Legal Defense Assocation has been advocating for homeschool families since 1983. As stated on their website, “our mission is to preserve and advance the fundamental, God-given, constitutional right of parents and others legally responsible for their children to direct their education. In so doing, we rely on two fundamental freedoms—parental rights and religious freedom. We advocate for these freedoms in the courtrooms, before government officials, and in the public arena. Additionally, we assist other educational organizations in similar activities, where possible and appropriate.”

Please visit our friends at the HLDA!


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

A quick link to the Bishops’ website where you will find timely news on what’s going on in the Church in the U.S., as well as information on Church teaching and other helpful resources.

Internet Protection

Protect Your Children from the Dangers Found on the Internet

“Imagine getting a report of the websites your kids visit, the search terms they use, and the YouTube videos they watch. Imagine protecting them online with a filter that’s tailored to their needs and blocks the Internet completely at certain times a day. Imagine that protection following you and your family on all the computers, smartphones, and tablets you use.”

We at TAN Homeschool are sensitive to the challenges you face to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet. When you send your child to the web for research and information, it is vital that you shield their eyes from anything that will lead them away from God. Visit Covenant Eyes to discover a cost-effective way to protect your children.

GPA Calculator

Calculate Your Student’s GPA With Ease!